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But a single untracked COVID-19 diagnosis on-site could mean a total shutdown. Proxxi Contact actively alerts workers to keep social distance with private contact tracing.

Maintain Social Distance

Proxxi Contact is a wrist-worn band that briefly vibrates to notify wearers that another band is within 6 feet (2 meters), reminding them of the need to maintain social distance. It is deployed to all personnel at a job site or workplace to help ensure a safe physical distance is maintained.

All-Day Protection

Proxxi Contact wrist bands are always on and always “aware”. Low power operation means that workers have reliable, safe-distance monitoring all day long without needing to drain their smartphone battery.

Active Safety

Proxxi Contact bands prevent risky contact by alerting working before they get too close. This gentle reminder helps staff maintain social distance, even when focused on tasks.

Respects Worker Privacy

No personally identifiable information is shared with Proxxi or between bands. No location tracking occurs.

Accurate Contact Tracing

Detailed proximity logs allow organizations to download interaction data from a band and internally produce accurate contact tracing.

Fast Deployment

Stand-alone bands can be shipped to any site and distributed out of the box. No smartphone is required for setup or operation.

Contact Tracing

Proxxi Contact bands keep records of interactions with other bands. Managers can then see which bands have been in contact, when, and how many times. In the case of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, you can use this data internally to trace which specific workers might need testing and quarantine.

Optional data downloads can provide organizations with a comprehensive overview on the success of physical distancing policies.

Immediate Deployment Matters

Just giving workers leave to self-quarantine after receiving reports of sickness is not enough. Medical researchers say that COVID-19’s rapid spread is likely due to the interaction of people with no or very mild symptoms – people who are unaware that they even have the virus.

Consistent social distancing significantly reduces the spread of COVID-19 through a population like a work-site and detailed contact trace history reduces the number of additional staff who need to be away from work if a report occurs.


At a very affordable cost for each band means your Proxxi Contact deployment of any size comes fully complete with:

  • Free delivery anywhere in the Indian sub-continent
  • Mobile app to retrieve contact tracing data
  • Web dashboard reporting system to analyze and share contact traces

Starter Kits of 10 bands are available for direct purchase here
10 – 500 can be purchased directly from the site

Get in touch with Proxxi about deployments greater than 500 bands