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Intrinsically Safe Smartphone Impact X NC (No Cameras) with all cameras physically removed

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  • Dual Band Wifi
  • Double capacity
  • Extended temperatures
  • Rugged / Waterproof
  • Zone 1
  • Class 1. Zone 1
Additional information


Zone 1 smartphone without cameras



The BARTEC PIXAVI Impact X NC (No Camera) intrinsically safe smartphone has all the functionality you will expect from a high end smartphone, with the exception of camera functionality. The IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 certification has not compromised the quality and usability. The device is explosion proof and rated for use in hazardous areas. The Impact X NC (No Camera) version is the only smartphone where all cameras are physically removed from the device during production process to ensure that it is impossible to take images or video with the device.

NB! The Impact X NC is an intrinsically safe device, intended to be used in hazardous areas in various industries such as oil and gas, shipping, pharmaceutical and petrochemical. It is not intended for personal use.

The Impact X NC (No Camera) intrinsically safe smartphone is a very powerful product, both on the inside and on the outside. It has the latest processors and software. Rugged, waterproof, lightweight aluminum chassis, as well as ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 certification makes it the most versatile smartphone ever built. If you are looking for the normal version of the Impact X (with cameras), you can find it here. 




Oil and Gas


1,5 M + apps
All cameras removed
Light and flexible
Glove compatible


Make better decisions
Increase flexibility
Decrease travel expenses
Improve work routines


Double battery capacity
Rugged, IP68
Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

No Compromises

Ruggedized and Ex certified products have been synonymous with low performance, outdated technology and bulky form factors. We wanted to change that! Our customers came to us and said they wanted the same performance and form factor in their Ex certified devices as in their consumer devices. The Impact X NC version have all cameras removed.

Designed for hazardous areas

We designed the Impact X smartphone with hazardous industrial environments in mind, battery lifetime, ruggedness, usability, sunlight readability and glove compatibility is essential. The Impact X was developed in cooperation with Shell and other leading O&G operators. The high end materials, custom buttons, high end processing power and Android operating system ensures that the device can be used for a wide range of tasks.

Ergonomic features

The device is lightweight, it has anti smuge coating on glass, dedicated buttons, glove compatible touch screen, moisture immune touch screen, ergonomic grip and hand strap makes it useable and ergonomic.

No Camera version explained

BARTEC PIXAVI is the only IECEx and ATEX certified smartphone vendor which have complete control over the entire production process, this means that we can easily remove the cameras during production to ensure that the smartphone is unable to take images or video. The smartphone will still be IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 certified for hazardous areas. This is a requirement in some areas and companies for security reasons. Simply removing the camera in software is not considered to be a sufficient solution for most customers.


Ships with Mobile Device Management

The Impact X ships with the Collaboration X Mobile device management solution. This allows you to simply and securely manage the mobile devices from a network administrator point of view. Collaboration X allows you to set security policies, access control, network policies and other settings as well as wipe devices if they are lost. All of this can be done securely using the simple web interface. Collaboration X allows the user to have complete control over a large amount of devices in a network.

Added features

The Impact X is packed with advanced technology in order to offer the best possible performance. Modern mobile processors ensures snappy performance and the lowest possible power consumption. The aluminum chassis, sunlight readable display, extra memory capacity, rugged strap mounts and gorilla glass is designed for the end user in mind. The Impact X also has double the battery capacity (3000mAh) compared to other smartphones, to ensure a full workday with active use.

Immune to the elements

The Impact X is ruggedized to an extent that makes it able to take almost any challenge the environment might throw at it. It is impact, drop, dust, corrosion, water and explosion proof. It also has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. It has a special glass sealing method with IP68 Corning Gorilla glass (2mm thick) and a Sunlight readable IPS display.

Powered by Android

Android is the preferred operating system for mobile devices. The reason is simple, running Android, the Impact X is secure, stable, updated and you have access to a huge library of applications. Bring any app into hazardous areas, including a wide range of value adding applications and services, such as mobility and ERP solutions, device management, video conferencing applications and every other Android app.

Enterprise adapted Apps

Today’s workers expect the same snappy performance in their enterprise apps as they do at home when playing Angry Birds on their personal devices. The Impact X can help organizations realize their mobility strategies by offering the horsepower to run any App developed for Android. For example service and maintenance apps, video recording and viewing, barcode reading, ERP, RFID and mobile device management to mention a few. This means new usage scenarios and applications in many industries. Using smart technology allows user to troubleshoot and assist workers over distance. Work smarter and solve problems remotely, without having to send experts and technicians to the site. This saves travel cost and time. This device as an enabler for many smart innovations within hazardous areas. It gives the user an unprecedented versatile and powerful platform, ready for future applications.

The Impact X has
received the Award
for Design Excellence


Machined from Aluminum

The Impact X chassis is machined from one piece of high quality Norwegian aluminum in order to provide the ruggedness, durability and high quality feel the product deserves. It is fitted with rubber details and raised buttons made out of a durable but yet comfortable material. This is arguably the toughest smartphone ever built!

Wearable kit

Hands-free operation is often required when working in the hazardous area. This is why we have developed a wearability kit that enables Impact X to be mounted on a wrist cradle, wall mount, or telescopic pole. The result is a completely wireless and hands free mobile worker kit.


Intrinsically Safe Smartphone Without Cameras

Display and touch

Screen Size 4,3 inch display
Touch Screen Glove compatible capacitive touch
Resolution 480 x 800 pixels
Brightness Direct sunlight readable display
Buttons Volume, ON/OFF, Android


Impact 2 Joule Impact proof
Drop 2 meter drop proof
Submersible IP68 waterproof
Explosion Protection CSA Class 1, Zone 1 (US and Canada)
IECEx & ATEX Zone 1 (Worldwide)
Housing Made from one piece of Aluminium
Connections Covered USB port
Screen 2 mm Gorilla glass

Size and Weight

Size 150mm x 65mm x 14mm
Weight 290 grams (10 oz )
Storage 16-32 GB


Management Solution Collaboration X
Browser Full blown HTML5
Document Viewing PDF and Office documents
ERP Compatible with ERP systems
Apps 1.5 M + apps Google Play


Dirt Proof Anti smuge recess for glass
Dirt Proof Anti smuge coating on screen
Glove Compatible Glove compatible touch screen
Any Condition Moisture resistive touch screeen
Dropped Object Rugged strap mount


Microphone Digital omni directional microphone
Audio Codec Full duplex audio communication
Headset Handsfree support
Wireless Headset Bluetooth audio headset support
Handsfree Integrated mic and speaker
Audio Codec ​CD quality (G.722)
Sound Quality Echo cancellation
Audio Out 3,5 mm standard connection


Wi-Fi 802.11abgn (2,4 + 5 ghz)
Cellular 3G/HSPA+ (CDMA available)
Industry Certification GCF and PTCRB
Operator Certification AT&T, Rogers, CCC (China) and Vodafone
Regulatory Certification FCC, IC and R&TTE
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0
Network Firewall traversal technology
Network STUN server support
Bandwidth Dynamic Bandwidth Control
QoS Diffserv, IP presedence (QoS)


ATEX Sira 13 ATEX 5134 X
Ex ib op is IIC T4 Gb
IECEx IECEx SIR 13.0047 X
Ex ib op is IIC T4 Gb
CSA (CAN/CSA) Class I, Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
CSA (ANSI/UL) Class I, AEx ib IIC T4 Gb
CE compliance with ATEX directive CE 0470 * ** II 2G
Wireless FCC
HS Code 8517.12.00 (Norway)
Country of Origin Made in Norway


Battery 3000 mAh battery
Standby 400 h standby
Talk Time 8 hours talk time

Temperature range

Operating -20°C to +45°C
Storage -40°C to +60°C


Orientation 3 axis gyroscope
Accellerometer Accellerometer
Navigation Compass
Positioning Global Positioning System (GPS)


Charger USB Charger
Warranty 1 year hardware warranty
User Manual Manual, Quick guide
USB Cable USB cable for charging and data transfer
Software updates Available through collaboration-x.net
Product box Beautiful product box with custom shaped foam inlays


IECEx Download
ATEX Download
CSA Download


Network Auto network change over (roaming)
Software upgrades Monthly software upgrades at no cost (basic functionality)
Dedicated button Dedicated button (programmable, for example PTT, alarm etc)
Screen 4,3 inch sunlight readable (600 nits brightness)


Weight 0.290 kg
Dimensions 15.0 × 6.5 × 1.2 cm

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