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xSalesMap by MobileDemand

United States map app with the top public and private companies plotted out based on their headquarter’s address. Allows the user to favorite, sort, select, zoom, among other actions.


  • Map of United States
  • Business Locations by North American Headquarters
  • Top 1000 Public Companies
  • Top 225 Private Companies
  • Large Enterprises
  • Zoom, Scroll, Favorite
  • Case Studies from MobileDemand Rugged Tablet Users
  • xSalesMap is a Universal Windows Platform app (UWP)

This new mapping app is used internally by MobileDemand in two ways. The first is as a real-time customer install base map where color-coded pins denote actual customer locations. The second is for sales teams to see the geo-footprint of their territories. It shows color-coded pins of target customer and prospects for face-to-face sales meetings; so the traveling sales person will be most productive. A sales person can see that an installed customer is very close by their new prospect, so they can strive for a local reference to help their sales activity. The sales person can see all their activity in a given location, helping partners to understand where leads or prospects are located for their success as well.

There are two modes of the xSalesMap app. The public mode is the default when downloading from the store. This shows the top 1,000 public companies and the top 250 private companies in the US in color-coded pin locations. A sales person managing a territory will find this useful in zooming in on major company headquarter locations, especially if they are visiting an area they may not be completely familiar. This can be very useful in visualizing locations of companies as opposed to just seeing a list of companies for a metro area with suburb names and/or zip codes. Clicking on the pin and you will find the address, web-site, and other useful information.

The second mode is a private mode that is granted when one’s Windows account is given rights to access a company’s customer database. For MobileDemand, we have this linked for our sales and marketing teams to our CRM database. Not only will users see the top public and private companies (blue & dark blue pins), they will see pins for all leads (white pins), customers (green), prospects (red) which make up the sales funnel. Details of the tablet model, number of tablets, date of install, and contact information are provided as well as key funnel information.

We plan to develop this into a service where a company can connect and manage their sales teams to see their CRM system’s customer and funnel geo-location information. xSalesMap will provide productivity gains to plan an efficient sales trip to a metro area. We also are considering ways that our channel partners may see their assigned leads, prospects and customers utilizing their login.