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Integrated Vision Control

Integated Vision Control

AI & ML Powered Vision System

In this project the Vision inspection systems offer near 100% accuracy & precise, and with many human inspectors needed to keep up with high volume production of critical products, machine vision integration made sense financially. Industrial vision systems also perform these functions more efficiently with not only greater speed, but  with better reliability and precision, which is impossible to see by human eyes.

A perfect solution would be an inspector that never sleeps, applies consistent inspection criteria at the same speed as production even then couldn’t spot or see the alignments & arrangements. This is where machine vision inspection & control technology steps in.

Machine vision inspection systems vary widely. At one end of the scale you have those systems that require a lot of manual interaction. At the higher end vision systems that are automated in operation and do not require an ‘operator’.

As defects are detected, an image is stored along with all the identifying data.  Classify the defect by type, as well as apply a severity grade,  in real time.

ClientOEM - Part Manufacturer
ProjectIntegrated Vision Control


  1. Ultra-fast production
  2. Ultra-fast online inspection
  3. Precise control & adaptive auto calibration – less maintenance

Gain Creator

  1. ML powered Image Processing
  2. Edge GPU computing
  3. Neural Network based learning & im-lib framework


  1. Super-slow production
  2. Increased time to market & maintenance time
  3. Inferior QC due to many blindspots 

Pain Reliever

  1. Agile programming
  2. Less maintenance
  3. Intelligent platform & Next-Gen technology integration