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Project Information

In the cement industry, every plant consists of multilayered subsystems and complex processes. But what ultimately matters the most for cement plant and production is efficiency. That’s why in this project we combined technical expertise with economic and energy efficiency processes in order to achieve throughput. The MIS implementation helped customer to cover all aspects of the cement production processes. The cross-vertical integration in this project helped customer to have a single platform of integrated MIS which is powered by the mdx database.

ClientCement Industry
ProjectIntegrated MIS

Value Proposition


  1. Historical performance
  2. Cost-curve analysis
  3. Demand/Supply outlook & long-term capacity rationalisation

Gain Creator

  1. Next-gen Technology
  2. Next-Level UX Design
  3. MDX framework, Resource optimisation & fog computing environment


  1. Non-visibile predictions
  2. Lower efficiency 
  3. Deficient planning, time consuming, vulnerable & disaster prone

Pain Reliever

  1. Content Mobility
  2. Segmented Analysis
  3. On the go access to information, mobility & content as per location 

MIS Functionality

Process values, messages, data and data entries are archived in an MDX database on a separate computer. Data is stored with protection against manipulation and is independent of DCS systems at different production units. The application framework & MVC is client/server architecture, all archived data is available for display, analysis, evaluation and optimisation throughout the entire company. Real-time trend curves, forexample, can be viewed on office PCs & mobile devices authorised by the IT team. A number of options are available to the user for display (viewer), evaluation (reports), trends, analysis and optimization (tables, graphics) and for formulating reports (controlling, statistics). The main areas of application are process information and analysis, tracking production and quality assurance. The system is characterized by straightforward handling and open, flexible user modules. The LIMS database is also integrated with the MIS.


The entire system is agile & achieved an integrated & secured mobility. The wireless adhoc network has been implemented across the plant via LoRA mesh & the remote management, enabled through the TSRV Server, provides fast, safe & reliable control and supervision of the process by offering an overall, comprehensive and detailed display. The system can detect imbalances in the production line, such as a leak in the pipelines, at which in real time it alerts the CCR, assesses if any damage occurred and gives practically all the data needed to secure immediate corrective actions. The operators can remotely manage the Raw Mill starting from the Weight Feeders to the Storage Silo, which are part of the process. The kiln operator can operate from the Rotary Weight Feeders (Kiln Feed) to the Clinker Transport, while the Cement Mill Operator’s part starts from the Weight Feeders of Clinker and Additives to the Cement Silos.